Choosing your Somerset wedding photographer is an important decision and you want to make sure the photographer you choose is the right one for you. Here are some things to consider.


Always choose a qualified wedding photographer. I really can't stress enough the importance of this! When you choose a qualified wedding photographer you are safe in the knowledge that the photographer has reached the required professional standard to photograph weddings. For your reassurance I qualified in wedding photography with the Master Photographers' Association over ten years ago.


Choose a photographer whose style you love. You need to love the images the photographer creates.


Always choose an experienced photographer - the more experienced, the more the photography on your day will run smoothly. I have photographed over 150 weddings from small intimate ceremonies to larger weddings.


Avoid fads! Spot coloured images are not timeless images! You want to look back on your wedding photographers in years to come and still love them.


Ensure the photographer shows you a full wedding from start to finish, not just a selection of pictures in an album. Anybody can put their best pictures in an album! You want to see that the photographer can produce a professional standard of imagery right through the entire day.


Meet the photographer! I feel this is really important. You want to ensure that you will get on with them, and that you can imagine them at your wedding - you don't want a photographer who is going to annoy you! If an in-person meeting is not possible for you, then a telephone conversation is a must. I really like to get to know my couples before their day.


Love the products the photographer produces! I only use the very finest Italian albums and products which are hand made in Italy by Italian craftmen. Your wedding photographs should last generations - so it's important the album is of the finest quality.


Ignore the "questions to ask your photographer" which are printed in many wedding magazines - many of those questions are irrelevant. Instead, create your own list of questions, ones which are important to you. Don't be afraid to question the photographer - a great photographer will be able to answer your questions without any problem.


Watch out for burned highlights in the dress! This is a great indicator as to whether or not the wedding photographer knows what she is doing. What this means is the dress is over exposed by the photographer, lacking any detail - and it's a complete no-no. Your wedding dress is the likely one most important dress you'll ever wear - so you want to see the detail. Imagine you choose a dress where you adore the detail, whether that's brocade, lace, diamante.. you'll want to see that in the photographs! An experienced and high quality wedding photographer will ensure that detail is retained in the images.


Remember your photographs are the only one item apart from the dress (and your husband or wife!), which you retain after your wedding day has finished. The pleasure remains long after the price is forgotten - and you are investing in images which will last a lifetime.


Enjoy the search! Planning a wedding is such an exciting time!


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How to choose the right wedding photographer